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Have you recieved Dodgy Emails ?

There have been recent reports about criminals “ghosting” as The Wonthaggi Club.
The criminals have been sending emails (often three or four days in a row) from various addresses not known by us, but with “The Wonthaggi Club” in the profile name settings, so that they appear to the receiver, to be a trusted member of our Club.

These people are definitely not connected with us.

These reports have included the criminals sending viral attachments, that may attempt to breech the receiver’s cyber security.
We can only assume that they are trying to phish (trick people into giving information or money) while disguising themselves as Wonthaggi Club staff.

I recommend you delete any email that (appears to) comes from The Wonthaggi Club, but looks suspicious, and do not open any attachments contained within, as they may be viral.
We have reported this to local police, federal police, our secure mail host, our IT contractor, and our Cyber Security providers.
All these entities have independently advised us that there is nothing we can do to stop these criminals “ghosting” (pretending to be) us.
We have also confirmed that none of our member, staff, supplier, or business partners private information has been breached.

We take privacy and confidentiality seriously, and aim to keep you informed if there is any further progress in this matter.

We have taken our email domain offline, which means there cannot be any emails sent from the domain wonthaggiclub.com.au. Any emails from us will now come from either wonclub.com.au, or My1Club.com.au.

For example:


If you have been receiving emails, that appear to be from us, and you would like to discuss the implications, or what can be done about it, please feel free to call me directly.

Yours Sincerely,
Steve Curtis – 0407 116616
The Wonthaggi Club
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