The Wonfund is the method in which the Wonthaggi Club allocates its valuable sponsorship and donation monies to the local community. The initiative of the Wonfund program is to encourage greater member input and ownership, save many voluntary run organisations time in completing sponsorship requests and to support the local community. The distribution of funds is determined by our Club members and is available to all local non-for-profit orgainsations and groups.

The Wonfund’s operation is simple, when a new member joins the Wonthaggi Club they are asked to nominate a local non-profit organisation as their Wonfund recipient. Every time they present their membership card at either venue, McBride Ave or The Clubhouse at the Wonthaggi Golf Club, they will receive a member’s price discount and accumulate points. These points turn into money they can spend at the Club, in addition to turning into sponsorship dollars for their nominated organisation. At the end of every six months, the total number of points earned in that period for each nominated organisation is tallied, a percentage calculated and applied to the money accumulated in the Wonfund pool.

Members control the distribution of funds by simply changing their Wonfund nomination at any time.

We encouraged Club members to ensure they have nominated a Wonfund, and for all local non-profit organisations to encourage their members to make sure they have nominated them as their chosen Wonfund recipient.

Completing the form & return in person, email or post to 16 McBride Ave, Wonthaggi.