The Vision


The vision of creating The Wonthaggi Country Club is not something new. In fact this is something that has been talked about for close to the last thirty odd years. The Board of The Wonthaggi Club and The Committee Of The Wonthaggi Golf Club have a strong belief that the merger of the two clubs The Wonthaggi Country Club can truly achieve a community club that the whole of Wonthaggi will be very proud of.


The fabric of any community often relies upon its ability to keep it healthy and connected. The facilitation of sporting activities and social interaction is often at the core of forging strong relationships and support networks within communities. This is fundamental for communities to navigate the challenges in life and celebrate the milestones together. Wonthaggi during its formative coal mining years established many of its Club’s for this exact purpose. These community institutions, owned and operated by members have been responsible for providing much of its social interaction, organised group sport and importantly its cohesion.


The vision to combine a number of these Clubs would solidify them continuing to provide much of the communities organised social interaction and group sport in a time when many are being challenged with financial sustainability, community relevance and support.


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The purpose of the Club is to operate and maintain state of the art hospitality venues that make up a sustainable and robust business, capable of generating surplus funds that are directed towards improving sporting opportunities and activities as the top priority.  A prosperous organisation with significant community value for its facilities and services is the driving force behind the sustainability of a combined Club. Strong rational arguments and financially modelling indicate this challenge would be beyond the Club’s individually but collectively highly probable.